The Bavarian Army
at the Battle of Leuthen
5 December 1757

Latest Update 22 January 2001

I obtained this postcard about twenty years ago from the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt. It shows part of the huge diorama of the Battle of Leuthen, built by one Herbert M von Klenze, and incorporating over 17,000 figures.

Of particular interest to collectors of Bavarian figures is the fact that this postcard centres on the action involving the Bavarians. Unfortunately, the quality of the scan has made it rather difficult to make out details, but the light blue uniforms of the Bavarians should be obvious enough.

The Bavarian flags, depicting the blue and white lozenge design, are very obvious. You can also see some of the regimental flags, most of which are white and feature the Virgin Mary in some sort of way.

One of the Bavarian regiments is wearing red trousers and waistcoats. From my research (bear in mind this was twenty years ago, and I have had some trouble deciphering my cryptic notes that I took at that time!), I would guess this is possibly the Regiment of Morawitzy. Other regiments include what appears to be the Leib Regiment (black facings); one with buff facings and blue trousers (Minnuci?); a regiment with blue trousers and white facings (Kurprinz?); and one with yellow facings and white gaiters (Clemens?).

After visiting the army museum, I used this source to paint a 30mm Spencer-Smith plastic army, which I still have in my possession today (though it is crudely painted by modern standards). After twenty years absence, I'm now thinking of returning to the hobby of wargaming, so plan to redo my Bavarian army, using metal figures, such as those produced by Front Rank.

Of course, just the fact that a museum has a diorama which shows that Bavarians wore light blue uniforms at Leuthen, doesn't prove they actually did. I'm well aware of the argument that they might have worn darker blue uniforms, and certainly museums have made mistakes before. I've also seen elsewhere, in two different sources (eGroups Lace war list, and Knotel & Sieg's uniform book), that they wore Savoy blue - whatever that is!

18 June 2000 update: Exciting news! I've found a link to a German military modelling magazine which has an excellent article in English about the Bavarian Army of the Seven Years War. The article is illustrated with some nice models, and even a real corn-flower to bring into the 'cornflower blue'/'dark blue' argument! From reading this article, it appears that I might have transposed the colours of the Morawitzy and the Clemens regiments in my notes about the postcard above (and also in my Spencer-Smith army).

13 July 2000 update: Since putting together this site, I've decided to do a Seven Years War Reichsarmee wargames army, instead of a Bavarian army. This, of course, may still include a Bavarian contingent (they had two regiments in the Reichsarmee - Infantry Regiments "Kurbayern" and "Salzburg" - both of which I'd love info on concerning their flags and uniforms). In time, I hope to put up a companion website to this one, featuring the Reichsarmee. But in the meantime, anyone who can help with any sort of information at all on Reichsarmee or Bavarians, I'd be most appreciative to hear from them.

31 July 2000 update: After all the kerfuffle of researching Bavaria, then the Reichsarmee, I've finally settled on the somewhat easier option of making my first army a French army of the Seven Years War. Besides the research being easier, the choice of regiments available make for a very colourful army. My first order to Front Rank Figurines will include enough models to put together one French regiment, one Swiss regiment and a regiment of my favourite-ever Seven Years War uniforms, the French Guards. There'll also be some cuirrassiers and dragoons, plus a couple of guns. I'll be busy painting for some time yet!

14 October 2000 update: Recently I put together a new website featuring my new French army. There you'll find photos of all my newly-painted regiments.

Click to visit my French army website

22 January 2001 update: While preparing to shift my house recently, I was very excited to come across a set of military postcards I had completely forgotten about. I can't even recall where I got them from originally! The set of thirteen cards depicts the history of the Bavarian 2nd Chevauxleger Regiment Taxis from the 1600s through to 1914. The artwork by Professor Anton Hoffmann is simply amazing. Click here to see these fantastic postcards.


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