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photographs of Gettysburg reenactment

Taking photos while participating in reenactments is officially frowned upon. After all, there is nothing so off-putting to spectators than seeing an American Civil War soldier pulling out an Instamatic and clicking a picture in the midst of a battle.

However, like many reenactors, I carried a small camera in my haversack, and took a few pictures whenever I could do so in a discreet manner.

The result, I think you will agree, is a gallery of photos that could easily have been taken 135 years ago (apart from the colour, of course).

Here is a selection of some of my favourite photos of my Gettysburg experience.

Photo of horses and formation

Masses of Confederate infantry, led by officers on horseback, form up prior to one of the battle scenarios. The number of reenactors involved in this group seems big enough, but this formation was only a tiny part of the huge armies involved in the reenactment.

Photo of Picketts Charge

This picture, I have to admit, is not one of mine, but was taken by Jill Russell, who is the scribe of the 47th Virginia. It depicts Pickett's Charge, taken from behind the Union lines. You can see the long lines of Confederate infantry advancing across the open ground towards the Union positions.

Photo of Rebel Cavalry

Here we see a column of Rebel cavalry galloping across the battlefield, yee-haaing and waving their hats madly, the Confederate battle flag waving proudly at their head!

Photo of officers and mule

Not all the officers rode horses. In this picture you can see that one of the Confederate officers is mounted on what appears to be a donkey or mule.

photo of Sutlers Row

A view of Sutlers' Row, a kind of massive tent-city shopping mall where you could buy all sorts of Civil War era goods. Many civilians dressed in period correct clothes too - the only thing giving away that this is not a nineteenth century photo are the two pairs of unclad legs!

Photo of Ball

Dances were held on two evenings of the event. The sight of women in glamorous crinolines and men in gorgeous uniforms twirling round the floor was reminiscent of the movie Gone with the Wind. The authentic 1860's music and dances made these events into evocative trips back into time. I haven't been able to identify the couples in this photograph.

Photo of Battle

A behind-the-lines shot of the Battle of the Wheatfield. The 'dead' soldier in the foreground will have to wait till another regiment comes up over and hides him before he can 'return to life', as it is not the done thing to just get up in the view of the spectators.

Cover of Civil War News

Made it to the front cover of the special Gettysburg edition of Civil War News. The above photo depicts General Armistead during Pickett's Charge, and there I am right beside him! (Julio C Zangroniz photo)


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