Frankfurt, Reuss and Schwarzburg infantrymen Confederation of the Rhine
Updated 5 December 2002

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Site designed by Roly Hermans, Paraparaumu, New Zealand.


a 25mm wargames army of the Napoleonic period

My Confederation of the Rhine wargames army, made up of 28mm metal model soldiers, is an adjunct to my Napoleonic French army. This site will allow you to see my new units as I finish painting them.

Detail of the Anhalt battalionYou can select the units you wish to view from the menu on the left.

I urge you to visit my FAQ if you want to know more about the Confederation of the Rhine, wargaming in general, or my painting techniques.


Roly Hermans
New Zealand


The three soldiers shown in the heading of this site are taken from cigarette cards painted by R Knötel. Shown from left to right are infantrymen from Frankfurt, Reuss and Schwarzburg. The background is a small portion of Baron Lejeune's famous painting of the Battle of Borodino.


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