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Lippe BattalionLippe battalion

My battalion of Lippe troops wears the uniform of the latter part of the Napoleonic wars. In earlier years they had first worn a green-plumed bicorne, then a kind of bowler hat with an upturned brim on one side. But by the time of the Russian campaign in 1812, they had been issued with the French shakos as depicted on my miniatures.

The principality of Lippe was formed from two states: Schaumburg-Lippe and Lippe-Detmold, which was under the rule of Princess Pauline from 1802 to 1820.

Detail of my Lippe battalionThe Lippe contingent made up the 1st battalion of the 5th Confederation Regiment, which fought in Prussia during 1807, against the Tyroleon rebels in 1809 and in the ill-fated Russian campaign of 1812. They formed part of the Danzig garrison in 1813, and defected to the Allies later that year.

Lippe also provided two companies to the Batallion of Princes, the multi-uniformed unit which served in Verdier's division in Spain from 1808 to 1810.

Uniform details from a print by Leinhardt & HumbertThe white uniforms of my model battalion are trimmed with green. The grenadiers and voltiguers wear red and yellow/green plumes and epaulattes respectively. I had no information on drummers' uniforms, so chose to paint a green coat with white facings.

Leinhardt & Humbert Lippe soldierI also had some difficulty with cockade colours. While all sources agree that the two Lippe states had red/white and red/yellow cockades, they conflict over which state had which!

Information about the pompoms on the shakos also proved elusive. I initially painted the pompoms with standard French company distinction colours (pink, blue, purple or green), but changed my mind when I saw a couple of illustrations of green pompoms.

The flag is based on the so-called Danzig flag, which can be seen both on the Warflag Lippe flagwebsite and in Keith Over's book of Napoleonic flags. One side depicts the name of the unit in a diamond outline, while a German motto in a diamond outline is on the other. Both sides have small coats-or-arms in all four corners.

Like my Anhalt regiment, this unit consists of 25mm French infantry by the now-defunct company, Hotspur. These are too small to match my 28mm Front Rank figures, so I have since sold my Lippe regiment.


Lippe soldier by Knötel from Prussian Military History siteMain sources:


Lippe soldier from Funcken book

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