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Updated 5 December 2002

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Würzburg BattalionWürzburg battalion

In the Confederation of the Rhine, the former Bishopric of Würzburg became the Grand Duchy of Würzburg under Grand Duke Ferdinand of Tuscany. Würzburg supplied a regiment of infantry and a dragoon regiment to Napoleon's war effort in Spain.

This unit of 28mm Front Rank miniatures started life as a French infantry battalion. But I decided that their advancing pose clashed with the attack march pose of all my other French infantry, so I decided to repaint them as a Confederation of the Rhine battalion instead.

Much study of Confederation uniforms showed that the closest match in uniforms was that of the Würzburgers. In the early part of the Peninsular War the Würzburgers wore helmets, but by 1812 they wore French shakos. So all I had to do was repaint them with white coats faced with scarlet.

The drummer is an old Hotspur figure. His smaller dimensions make him look like a drummer boy against the larger Front Rank figures.

Würzburg flagThe flag, as usual, is from the Warflag and Napflags sites. I've resized it to be about the correct size for my 28mm miniatures.


Würzburg infantry

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