Me as one of my own miniatures!For the past few years I've been collecting and painting miniature soldiers for playing wargames.

Like many other wargamers, I store my miniatures in a display cabinet. But this means that only people who live close to me can see them, which seems a shame after all the work that goes into painting them.

Fortunately, however, I also enjoy website design. Thus I have designed this 'virtual' display case so that anyone can view my armies from anywhere in the world! Mind you, my real-life display case is nowhere as flash as this lovely art noveau piece, but as 'virtual' furniture doesn't cost anything, I can be more extravagant!

To look at my various armies, just click on them in the display cabinet on the right, or click on the text links below. You'll be taken to separate websites I have designed for each army.

You can also visit other sites I have designed - you'll also see them listed below. These include my own club's website, some pictorial sites I have put together for other wargamers, and even a site where I offer my services to design you a website!

Enjoy browsing through my display cabinet! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Roly Hermans
Paraparaumu, New Zealand

(seen top right grafted onto one of my own 28mm Front Rank miniatures - Marshal Berthier's ADC!) Lks To My Various Sites -




Click on the soldiers in the display case to go to their websites.


Seven Years War French - Napoleonic France - Napoleonic Confederation of the Rhine - Napoleonic Britain - Napoleonic Spanish - American Civil War

Other sites I have designed -

Kapiti Fusiliers Historic Gaming Club - my own club here in Paraparaumu, New Zealand.

Guilford Courthouse and Saratoga - Freeman's Farm - two separate pages of photos of truly magnificent AWI games I was involved in.

Last of the Mohicans - some wonderful photos of a French & Indian War game.

Tricorne - I built this 18th century wargaming site for a friend in France.

Websites for Wargamers - how you can get me to build a website for you!