what you get when I design your website

The webpage you are looking at right now is an example of the type of site I can design for you for only $US300. To keep the price this low, the design is based on a template customised for you.

The basic template consists of a homepage and up to six other pages. Across the top of every page is a title banner graphic, while down the side are the navigation buttons. The layout is 600 pixels wide, which means the site can be viewed at most common screen resolutions.

I will design the 600x100 pixel top banner graphic for you, based on images you supply or a concept we discuss together. Iíll make the type of banner graphic you want. This banner is repeated on every page, to keep your site consistent.


top banner graphic

You'll get up to seven 150x50 pixel navigation buttons. Maybe if your site features ancient soldiers, the buttons might look like carved stone, while a WW2 site might use camouflage patterned buttons. You can even have the nifty roll-over effect like the buttons on this site.


navigation buttons

Each page will have a 430x25 pixel heading graphic to go beneath the top banner graphic. This is usually just some wording to indicate what that particular page is about. The font and colours can be selected to suit the theme of your website.


heading graphic
The remainder of the page will consist of text and images that you supply (see What I Need). Iíll re-size your images to fit the page - they can vary from 200 to 430 pixels wide, and you can have as many as you need - and will set them in the text where you want them. text and images

If you want any pages to be laid out differently from the basic template, or if you want to add more than seven pages or sub-pages, then we can discuss a price.

Once your site is complete, Iíll even arrange uploading it to your web host, or, if you prefer, I can e-mail it or put it all onto a floppy disc and send it to you. Please note that I do not host your site myself (see Site Hosting).

The end result will be a unique website that has been individually customised for you to proudly display your miniature armies to the world.

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