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Have you ever spent a lot of time, money and effort painting a beautiful wargames army, only to have it languish in a drawer or box, only ever emerging for the occasional game?

Confederation of the Rhine miniaturesNot everyone can afford a glass-fronted display cabinet to show off their miniature soldiers - and even if they can, often our homes are not set up to give our model armies pride-of-place!

So how can you show off your exquisitely painted figures so that the maximum of people can see them, but where they use the minimum of space and cost?

Confederation of the Rhine websiteThe internet, of course! By having your own internet site featuring your wargames army, it is on display to the whole world.

And now you don't even have to have the technical or graphical expertise to build your own website!

Why not? Because Websites for Wargamers will design you a custom-made website for only $US300.

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