what I need from you to design your website

My task will be to design a website for you that reflects your theme. I'll do the graphical design for the banner and menu, and ensure that the text and images are properly formatted on each page. But while I can do my best to make the site look good, it is over to you to supply the actual content you want on each page.

So there are some things I am going to need from you to be able to do this:

Top Banner Graphic

top banner graphic of this site

The top banner displays the title of your site on every page, and can include some graphics. You need to think of this title, and will need to supply me with any graphics you would like incorporated. On the other hand, you can leave this all up to me if you prefer.

Navigation Buttons

one of the navigation buttons from this siteYou might have some idea as to what you want your buttons to look like, or you can leave that up to me. But what I do need from you is a list of what each page is going to be called, so I know the titles to put on each button. These titles should only be a word or two long, otherwise they won't fit on the buttons.

Heading Graphics

heading graphic from this pageYou'll have to tell me the headings for each page, which are situated just beneath the top banner graphic. Obviously, these will probably reflect the appropriate navigation button title, but because there is more space than on the buttons, you can expand the one or two words into whole sentences. You'll see I've done that with this site.

Text and Images

This is the most important area for you to look at.

First, you'll need to sort your text and graphics into the number of pages you want.

I don't know your subject matter, so you will have to write your own text (though I can fine-tune it for you if you wish). You can send me this text as a Word document, as an email, or by letter. I'll format the text and drop it into the appropriate pages.

image of French Seven Years War regimentYou are also responsible for supplying your own images. If you are displaying miniature soldiers, you can take digital photos of them and save them as JPG files, or you can send me scans (again, as JPG files). Don't worry too much about the size of the photos, as I can fix that. If you don't have a scanner, you can post me the original paper photos which I can return to you.

La Sarre Infantry, 1755-1760, by Eugene Leliépvre, James C. Tily 1961, Parks Canada CollectionsYou might also choose to include some background or reference material about your units. This always adds interest to a site, and can be useful to other miniature soldier collectors and wargamers. Once again, please send me the images as JPG files. If they are already available elsewhere on the internet, then you can point me to the right address to copy them from.

Bear in mind, however, that you are responsible for ensuring there is no copyright on the images you want me to incorporate into your website. Obviously this does not apply to photos taken by you, but if you want to use images from other sources, it is over to you to get permission from the owners.

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